Hello, my name is David Wachala

Sports and family photographer

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Dave. I live in the Buffalo, New York area. I play and coach hockey. I have been taking sports pictures for a couple years now. I love making amateur athletes look like professionals. I play with light and shadows to add drama to photos. Whenever possible, I use a monitor so the players can see the last imagine I took. Once the kids see themselves looking like one of their sports heroes, their whole mood changes! I think that's what I love about photography.

My Favorites

I love freezing sports photos at the right moment. So much so, that the photography can tell a story without any words. I also love photographing a kid that does not want to have their picture taken, then you show him or her how good they look....and they slowly start to smile........ Nothing better! I love the Challenge of learning new things. There is always something to learn about photography. It gets my imagination and curiosity going.

A Decade of Experience

One of the most important things I have done as a father is save and store my family's pictures and videos since my kids were born. I have a hard drive in a fireproof safe, and also a copy of it on another hard drive..... These Memories are worth more than gold to me. If I want to hear my daughter's laughter at age 5, I can make it happen easily. Why am I telling you this? First, I hope you take my advice and do the same. Second, that's how long ago photography all started for me. I can't count the number of cameras I've had. But it also started with family photography for me. Then my kids started playing sports and I bought a long lens. The rest is history!