Team Pictures 101

I made this page to help guide you through the team pictures process and what you can expect. First, I want to thank you for thinking of Wachala Photography! At Wachala Photography, our focus for high quality images start with lighting. I don't just show up with a camera, take pictures, and leave. I show up a truck full of equipment and photography lights. The lights are what I believe gives the players a professional athlete feel to pictures.

Types of Team photography

Playing Surface Shoot


I will come to your practice facility and have a session on you ice, field, or court. From here, you can choose light or dark backgrounds. I will take individual pictures, group pictures, and team pictures. I am also always looking to try something different. So, don't be afraid to ask.

Smoke and Mirrors Shoot


This is a fun shoot with fog machines, and lighting effects. There is no photoshop here. Everything is done in camera! And the kids love it! The Coach's also love it because it does not require a practice time to be used. I can Do these images in my garage studio or "Homegrown Hockey" located up stairs at holiday. I could probably do it other places too, but I'm worried the fog will set off alarms. I also do a real team picture with the team.


Green Screen shoot


This is the most versatile package. The background choices are infinite, and I can make just about anything happen! These pictures do not require use of a practice time, and can be down anywhere. I spend about 2 mins a player taking multiple poses of each player. Then I piece them together like a puzzle to create a team picture. The players all get an edited individual picture, and the coach's get a picture with the son/Daughter.

More Examples:

Backdrop Shoot


This type of shoot uses physical backdrop or facility environment as the background. The pictures are typically taken from the knees up. I use lights shining on the backdrops to add gradients of their team colors. This may be one of the cheaper options for the team shoots, but don't let that fool you. These tend to tend to get closer up to the subject and give a very personal feel to the images.

Backgrounds Inventory:


This gallery shows the backdrops I own at the moment. I use these in the "smoke and Mirrors" and "Backdrop" Shoots.

I have Black, Gray, Red, White, Sky blue, and NHL Arena.

Add on to your team shoot!

Memory mates


Every Parents favorite! The memory mate combines the team and individual pictures into one. There are endless styles to choice from, but I added some i have done for teams in the past. They are normally $25 each afterwards, But ordering the service ahead of time will save you a bunch of money.

Player profile pictures


In todays world, having your team on social media is must. It builds a following and shows others what kind of environment you are building. Professional player profile picture are an excellent way stay a step a head of your competition. While many just use a cell phone picture, you'll have NHL quality pictures. You can use them for players of the game, Yearbooks, player profiles, really anything, They can be Standard or even Edgy!

Team Banner Design


Team Banners are an excellent way to thank and show your sponsors how much you appreciate them.

I can do just about anything you want with them, since i customize them for every team! Baseball team love them for their dug outs and hockey teams love to hang them on their locker room doors, But don't stop there! you can hang them anywhere!

Helmet Shots!


Want something different? Having the players throw their helmets on for some extra close ups. I take smiles and serious ones. There is just something about looking through their cage and helmet and seeing the player underneath.... Love these!

Photography Locations

I can take pictures where ever your team needs me to. I use my Garage as a photography studio. It works out great there. I have skateable synthetic ice in there. Which works great for ice hockey. It also enables me to capture an use the real shadow for pictures. Which is very important when it comes to the green screen package.

My Garage studio is centrally located in WNY at 38 Chapel ave. Cheektowaga.

I also can travel to your facility's as seen in some of the pictures below.


Make up shoot Policy

They require more work, so they can be done for an additional cost. A typical make up shoot for one player take 1 hour to set up the lights and backdrop, 10 minutes to coordinate with the missing player on a time and date, 10-20 to take their pictures, 30 minutes to clean up the studio, then more time to edit. One player easily adds 2 hours of extra work on to the job. Make up shoots will cost extra if needed.

How does the Garage shoot work for a team?

I take all the photos inside the garage. I have 2- 10x20 tents with side walls that help keep people dry and comfortable. One of the teams is used as a locker room and the other is used for "waiting area " for the players. I use propane heaters when it is chilly out side and that does the trick.

Special requests or Different ideas for shoots.

I am all about new ideas and shoots! Lets talk and make it happen!

How do we get our photos?

I will deliver the images to your team through a custom online gallery. They will be available in digital format to download. You can Print them anywhere, Buti do offer a professional printing option right through the gallery too.

How long is a team shoot?

It usually last one hour.

What time does the shoot start?

I like everyone ready at the time we picked out. If players need to get dressed in their equipment they need to arrive before the time selected . that way they are ready in time for the shoot.

What is the turn around time?

1-2 weeks.