Sports Photography

Some of your Child's greatest memory's will be from Sports. The triumphs, the heart breaks, the Friends they make through out the years will be life long memory's. Persevere those memory's forever in photographs. How ever you are looking to do it, We can handle it. Our portrait style is all about drama. I love making the kids look like their Professional hero's. Need game day shots? I have you covered there as well.

Here are some Services We provide

On Ice/Field Portraits

We come to your Facility and take portraits on your field or rink. I will then edit the pictures in lightroom, then Delivery them to your team in custom online gallery.

Off Ice/Field Portraits

Practice time is precous, I get it, I understand because I also Coach hockey. Backdrop photoshoots are a great solution for those situations. There is also endless possibility's you can use for backgrounds.

Game day shots

I will come to a game of your choice, an capture all action from your team's game. I have professional long range lens that can capture all the action,

Private Shoot

Book a small private shoot with your kids. I love slowing things down a bit. It really brings out their personality's.


Backdrop Package

I understand Coaches do not like to use their practice time for team pictures. Which is why I'm always brainstorming great photography ideas for off ice/field pictures. We even use fog machines and other effects here! What you see is what you get. No photoshop here! My Options for this package will continue to grow as I keep investing in more background choices. Please note for fog.... We need the facility's consent to use fog, since it may set off fire alarms. But, We can always do it in studio.


Green Screen Package

This is the most versatile package. I can make just about anything happen here. I take the players pictures , then I use photoshop to put the photo together. Same thing with the team picture. I take all the player's pictures separately, then Photoshop them together for an epic team picture. This package can be done in my studio or at your Facility.


The Possibility's are endless! Do you have a vision you are looking to achieve? Let's make it a reality. Feel free to reach out.